UKDE FINT is a British business account service under the supervision and protection of the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Account funds are stored in the in segregation of UK bank to meet customer fund storage, payment settlement and management needs.
FINT is subsidiary of UKDE Limited, a financial institution headquartered in London, UK.FINT products have been authorized to use the EMI license issued by FCA.


Basic Function

Convenient account opening

Global passport online application without contract, deposit and financial management requirements

Real Account

Account name should be company name, not prefix, non-virtual account

Quick Payment

Support SEPA, Fast Payment, Swift payment methods

Free Trading

Free stay and transfer of funds

Account Features

Customize your Visa card account system, hierarchical and sub-authority management

Real-time opening of node Visa card accounts, multi-level permission settings for one household, one card, global payment sub-accounts, adapting to multiple identities and functional requirements
Cross-account fund transfer and collection to meet diversified fund management needs

Open API to realize customized development requirements

Standardized API interface to help partners quickly access self-service development to meet the diverse customization needs of partners

Transparent service, safe and convenient

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It only takes four steps to get it


Online Registration

Online registration with mobile phone number or email, we have a account manager to contact you


Submit account opening information

According to the account opening information list provided by the account manager, submit the account opening information online;


Document Review

The audit data is expected to be completed within 1~2 working days;

Account opened successfully

After passing the review, you will receive a text message or email in time, and you can log in to the online banking account;

Frequently Asked Questions

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